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What to do if Your Teen is Headed Down the Wrong Path

I've been on both sides of this equation, (which is ironic because I teach this stuff).

I was a troubled teen, and as a parent had a rebellious daughter. Guess the universe really needed me to learn this lesson. Which is not complicated at all.

To help a troubled teen, show more love.

Not just show, love more.

I mean it. That's all you have to do and it works every time.

Don't just say you love them, defensively stating, "but I do love them" after you grounded them and fought with them. That is not feeling love for them.

They are still kids.

Still learning.

They are going to mess up. Feel love for them, find their strengths, find their good traits, tell them what you find. Do that more than you do right now. Do that and they will get into less trouble.

They will still mess up... because we all mess up.

And it's love that heals, strengthens and empowers.

Go tell your teen that you love them. Tell them why you love them.

Don't do it to get them to take an action or do a deed for you, that would be a bribe. Expect nothing in return.

Tell them you love them, and why because you want them to know. Without an agenda.

Do that everyday and your troubled teen will not be troubled anymore.

Thanks for reading this.



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