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“Emma has been with Competitive Edge for about six months now. She started the program very timid and shy. In these past six months we’ve watched our daughter’s confidence, responsibility, maturity, and focus grow right before our eyes. Mr. K, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Eversman have worked with us parents to help Emma to set goals that she is held accountable for. This has helped her achieve greater focus and accomplishments in school, a consistently clean room, a totally clean bathroom, and now she is mastering the laundry. For a six year old we couldn’t be more proud and we are thankful we have mixed martial arts to help reinforce what we are teaching at home. Emma is no longer a shy, timid little girl. She is a confident, well mannered, self motivated and disciplined little lady! We recommend Competitive Edge to all our friends. You should try it too!”


-Jessica and Joel Bejot, Emma’s parents

“I want other kids to come because I think it is a lot of fun, challenging and its good exercise! Learning how to do the flying sidekick has been my favorite challenge to learn. The teachers make the class fun and we laugh a lot.”

- Emma Bejot, 6yrs Super Champion, Young Champions Class

“This studio teaches life skills through martial arts. The lessons extend well beyond the physical instruction. Love the studio! This is my daughter’s favorite activity.”

- Misti Moltoriss, daughter Sierra

“Excellent, positive instructor. I took my son for his first class last week. He can't wait to go back. They are helping instill fundamentals that will have benefits far outside the gym. Great environment.”


- John Reed

“My kids are more disciplined, motivated, focused, respectful, confident, responsible, and active since they have started their journey in the black belt training. It has been a great experience and the staff is phenomenal with the kids! My daughter, Mei Mei is 5, and we started her on her black belt training when she was about 3 and a half. Since then she has taken off and even at times proven herself to be more disciplined than her older brothers. Not sure if it’s because we started her at such an early age, that she is absorbing the training as well as she is or the Staff training her, perhaps a combination of the two!”


- Lancy Hwu, son Kai, son Jay, daughter Mei Mei

“From an adult student point of view, this school is great! I've trained at several gyms, and have coached as well. The one thing that sets Competitive Edge apart from the others is the focus on self development. The skills taught don't just apply to the gym and martial arts, but all other areas of life as well. I've only been attending since June, and not only have I improved in my technique, but I've completely changed my outlook on life as well. I've had multiple people, both in my professional and personal lives, comment on how I seem more positive and focused. If you're looking for a gym that trains both the mind and body, then definitely try Competitive Edge.”

- Jarrod Thoma

“Aiden has really enjoyed being a part of Competitive Edge! The Mastery class they offer has really improved his self confidence and has taught him to control his emotions better, and be a better presenter. Thank you Competitive Edge! He has come a long way since his first day! You truly show how much you care about building character witin your students.”

- Kat Dole, son Aiden

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