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Our Team 


Nancy Aksamit


This is Nancy. Nancy started training in martial arts at the age of 15. She Is a 1st degree black belt.

"I am determined to guide the team in helping as many families in the community as possible. There are so many that need these powerful lessons."


Scott Aksamit


This is Scott. "My mission is to empower people with an 'I got this' attitude so that they can be comfortable in their own skin and truly celebrate their life."



Garret Kulik

Head Instructor

This is Garrett. He has been training since he was a child, and values the strength that the lessons have given him. His mission is to help others realize their true strength under any adversity and feel truly empowered.


Dean Kokorus

Program Director/Instructor

This is Dean. His mission is to empower our students, families and community. As a shy kid who had struggles with his confidence, he is passionate about helping people find their value and help them feel worthy of great things in their lives


Christy Stolpman

Front Desk

This is Christy. She has been a student of Competitive Edge since 2010. She earned her first degree black belt in 2015. She has been a team member since 2016 working as a front desk administrator and teaching women's self-defense classes.


Timothy White


This is Tim. His mission is to build and empower the community around him. As someone who has struggled with feeling like an outcast, it is his goal to provide people with a place to feel welcome and valued.

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