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Self Worth First

Self Worth comes before achievement.

This flies contrary to what many are taught.

They were taught that self worth follows achievement.

You need to prove you are worthy by winning the victory or accomplishing the goal.

I have seen this hold so many people back, because it creates an endless impossible language loop. 'I need to be worthy to take action, I need to take action to achieve, I need to achieve to be worthy'

To break this impossible pattern know where actual self worth comes from.

It comes from contrast.

Failures, pain, discomfort and challenges help to define your desires.

Lack of money creates the desire for wealth. A bad relationship creates the desire for harmony. Physical weakness creates the desire for well being and strength.

And its your desires that create your self worth.

If you want it, you are worthy of it.

Share this lesson with your team, co-workers and children. Help them to feel worthy.

If you do achievement will follow.

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