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Mental Preparation Maximizes Your Inner Strength

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

“A Simple Way to Maximize Performance”

One of the most frustrating experiences is the circle of work without progress.  Work daily, see no growth, repeat indefinitely then die.  This frustrating cycle is experienced by businesses who consistently produce the same income, athletes who are in slumps, and soon to be brides who are trying to lose the last five pounds.  One step forward, shuffle back.  Put more water in the bucket, oh crap there is a hole in it.

This feeling of the circle is a time for awakening and recognition.  This feeling is being created because you are at the end of your comfort zone.  Now before you yell, Duh! Consider this.  It’s only frustrating because you want to change and grow.  This feeling of frustration is actually ambition in disguise.  Ambition is the hammer that smashes the circle.

Frustration is a negative force that puts you in a constant holding pattern.  Where as ambition is a powerful optimistic force that pushes you to new levels of excellence.  These two emotions are in fact the same weapon but to maximize results you have to remember to “stick ‘em with the pointy end”. Inner strength that you cultivate makes you aware of the potential of ambition.

When you take three minutes to mentally prepare before working out you super charge your momentum to break through past limitations.  When you take a moment to get yourself in the mood to do your work, you empower your message so it makes a bigger impact.  Three minutes of mental preparation can prevent years of being stuck.

Next let’s talk about fatigue points.  These brick walls you hit prevent your growth and must be prepared for.  They can also be dangerous because they can begin to create an identity.  You grow your business to size x and start to say things like, “Businesses can’t grow in this economy.” “The market isn’t buying right now.”  “My community is too small, too big, too rich, has too much competition etc…”. Justifying the edge of the circle strengthens the circle and continues to hold you in its grasp.  When fatigue points become beliefs and justifications it’s not just time to change the oil.  It’s time for an upgrade.

As a part of your mental preparation which consists of I like statements followed by faith statements, throw in a recognition of fatigue points and a strategy to overcome them.  Sounds like this.

Athlete (I like statements) – I like training, I love to move with speed and power, I like to feel healthy and strong.  Etc…

(Faith statements) – I’m ready to grow and to get even stronger.  I’m going to make the play happen today.  I feel ready, prepared and strong.  Send me really tough competition so I can show you my absolute best talent.

(Fatigue points) I know in the past I have gotten tight if I missed a play.  Today is different.  If I get scored on today I will recognize quickly what my opponent has done.  I will have learned his technique and he will not be able to use that against me again. this is the key to winning. Learn from wht happens and make it work for you

Business Pro (I like statements). I like having my own business.  I like my team the people I work with are talented, I like facing this current challenge because it means growth is on the way etc…

(Faith statements) I know I can solve this.  I know the market needs our help.  I know our concept is good and can help people.  I know that I have solved big problems in the past and I can do it again here.

(Fatigue points) In the past when questioned by some of my employees I have gotten defensive.  I know this energy crushes creativity and I won’t play that card anymore.  Instead I’m not going to defend my plan.  I will be open to new ideas and give freedom and responsibility to team members who want to prove their ideas will work.

Busy Parent (I like statements) I’m glad to have the opportunity to have my family so active.  I like seeing my kids having a good time.  It’s nice to get out of the house.  I like that I will have time at the practice to read my book.

(Faith statements) I know I can get this to do list done.  It will be nice to clear this out.  I can get all the paperwork done in less than 30 minutes.  All of this that I’m doing is really great for my family and because of that for me.

(Fatigue points). I know when the traffic gets bad I worry about being on time, solution… good music leave 10 minutes early.  My kids complaining, solution… take 30 second to talk about how cool its going to be (think from their point of view not mine). Gotta get Jacks grades up.  Solution…

Three minutes of preparation can prevent your from spending years in the circle.

Send us an email to And let us know what city you are in. If we don’t have an academy in your city, we have a network of friends, and we can put you in touch with what you need: professional support for a competent, structured, effective martial arts program.

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