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Poise as a Tool For Success and Leadership

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The key to developing poise is the acceptance that some things are outside your control. It’s natural to want to have control over things. However, there are some things you can’t control and to develop poise you will need to learn how to deal with that. Let go of needing to control the situation, and learn the keys to poise through acceptance of things as they are.

One of the biggest things that will create turmoil is the need to control your teenager, your employees, political situations, or your customers and their actions with your business.

This turmoil is created by not recognizing natural law. It comes from denying the reality of the Universe that there are things of your control. It is like arguing with the whole Universe when you don’t learn to accept situations the way they are. You are unlikely to win.

At Competitive Edge, we teach our students how to attain poise through acceptance and appropriate action.

Poise comes from recognizing that you are a part of the situation, not the one who controls it. It comes from the mindset of knowing this. That is the first key to developing poise.


All the feeling of needing to control things that you are unable to control makes you lose that poise. Denying the reality of the Universe that some things are outside of your control makes you frustrated and unable to deal effectively with the situation. This will usually cause the situation to escalate and make matters worse. Rather than this response, you want to understand the actual nature of the situation so you can respond in a way that decreases the turmoil.

The second element of developing poise is the acceptance of something being outside of your control and being okay with that.

Every great fighter has to be okay with being attacked, punched, hit, and being put into submission holds. If they aren’t okay with that there is too much negative energy in the ring, and they are not able to have the poise to make effective moves. Being in a state of acceptance of the actual environment they are in gives them the ability to deal with what they will encounter in a n effective way.

Get okay with the attack that life is going to throw at you and then be able to make the effective action. Acceptance of what is, the way it presents itself in the moment, gives all the power of the situation to you and you can work with it, whereas if you fight the situation, you create conflict and expend energy in a way that is not effective. Creation of poise is the key to winning the day and crushing the challenge.

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