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Excuses Keep You From Winning

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

An excuse is similar to a justification, except that it relies on something physical instead of a mental energy block. An excuse is any physical thing that you use to create a story that you can’t do something. An excuse destroys confidence and keeps you from winning. Inside the Zone, there are no excuses.

Here’s an example: I have a metal plate in my arm, that’s why I can’t block the roundhouse kick. That plate is something that is real, and it’s not going away. Using it as an excuse does nothing for you to accomplish your goals. The way to get into the Zone is to find a way to get around the circumstance and work with things the way they are. You find a different way to use your arm as you are blocking the kick, and you take the moment for what it is. As you do this, you enter the Zone. You are in harmony with your own energy. The right moves flow through you and you crush the session. This is the power of relying on your inner strengths which you build over time as you train.

When you allow yourself to lean on excuses, it makes your ability to adapt weaken and dissipates your mental force as well as your physical force. You lose access to your power. You have placed yourself outside of the Zone.

Inside the Zone, you have your natural power, and you can express it through the moment, as you make use of the moves you have learned and the practice you have done to hone your skills. When you take the attitude that no excuse will do, you naturally find a way to work with things the way they are and find the place of oppositional harmony even with a difficult situation before you. You have learned to rely on yourself and not to allow external factors to dominate your response. This is the correct approach to dealing with what you face when you are in a match. Your story won’t make the result you want happen. Only an effective approach will do that.

Our training at Competitive Edge gives you the tools and skills you need to create new habits that support you and leave no room for excuses. Our students learn to take responsibility for their own situations, and to use their abilities effectively without needing to make excuses.

Get in touch with us and book a session today and see for yourself how we work with you to develop character and commitment along with physical prowess.

Send us an email to And let us know what city you are in. If we don’t have an academy in your city, we have a network of friends, and we can put you in touch with what you need: professional support for a competent, structured, effective martial arts program.

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