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ADD: My Child Lacks Concentration

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Our teaching philosophy is based on that oppositional harmony that we talked about before. What that means is that you have to utilize what tools are given you.

When we are given a student with ADD, we are not treating that as a bad thing. We don’t see this as a negative situation, because ADD is a high energy. Kids with this personality trait have a lot of activity, lots of energy. They fill the room with action.

When we are given a student who is shy, we look at the way that can be seen as a strength.

Being shy is also being thoughtful, so when you put that into a martial arts situation it is a strength of observation.

If you are high energy, we are going to let you get up and move around. If you are shy, that calm and focus is a strength, because you have that poise to be in the moment before executing the techniques at the right time. We will have you sit and gather strength before making the moves.

The way that we help kids is not by pretending that it the personality trait doesn’t exist. Instead of doing that, we train students to see the value of who they are. We teach them that who they are is a source of inner strength.

We help them see the positive nature of who they are and make it bigger and brighter. We teach them to expand into their natural energy into strengths to achieve self-control. This naturally translates into confidence and control so the behavior is seen as a strength, and the focus the students get from this allows them to progress into those positive traits.

Here is an example: Brandon, 3 years old, had much energy that his instructor had to give him a set position and a countdown. For the set position he had to stand perfectly still. The instructor would tell him when the countdown ended, he could run around the room and go crazy for a set amount of time.

“Three two one, GO!” and he would then run around the room. Back to set position.

Then, “Good job! We are going to follow it up with all that energy, so it becomes even more fun and more energizing.”

As time went on, gradually the countdown got longer, and he gained more self-control.

Later, he became a head instructor at the age of 16.

He is now a teacher in school, using these same techniques with his students.

We don’t try to negate the personality of the student. Instead, we see the personality points of strength and work to build the positive energy of those.

Sign up for a session and see how we can make your child’s inner strengths come out with our training.

Send us an email to And let us know what city you are in. If we don’t have an academy in your city, we have a network of friends, and we can put you in touch with what you need: professional support for a competent, structured, effective martial arts program.

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