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Act Like a Black Belt Before You Become One

The feeling that you want to generate is the feeling that you have this inside of you before it presents itself in the real world. You visualize it, you feel it, you bring it to life and then you step into it.

You're not going to be able to throw the difficult technique until you could throw it in your mind and believe that you can throw it in your mind first.

The value of doing this is that in martial arts training is you can actually see yourself transform. You see yourself as who you want to become, and visualize yourself into a higher level.

Visualize the success, the health, the wellness that you want to achieve and then bring that forth.

When you act like a black belt on the mat you create the way to become one. You have the mindset of a champion, and you then take the steps to actualize the result.

At Competitive Edge, we teach the skills and habits to create that success.

What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to write a book and have it become a best-seller? You need to act like a best-selling author before you are a best-selling author. if you're building a brand-new business you have to act like a successful entrepreneur before you have the business at hand. This makes you able to draw in the kind of energy that will bring the results that you want.

Whatever it is that you desire, you have to learn how to act like that before the world shows you the proof that you are that.

That's the value of martial arts training: it teaches you how to act like what you want to be before you're actually is visible, so you can step into it.

The discipline that carries you into the realization of the skills you need to gain the results you want is the process you learn in martial arts. As you repeat the steps daily in your training, you build the habits of mind and of action to achieve your dreams.

Send us an email to And let us know what city you are in. If we don’t have an academy in your city, we have a network of friends, and we can put you in touch with what you need: professional support for a competent, structured, effective martial arts program.

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