Get Into the Zone with Focused Attention

Head, shoulders, elbow, wrists, knees, hips, feet

When you are doing martial arts training, you will feel “off” when a technique is brand new,

If you say “this feels off”, or even worse “I suck at this” it creates a tension and resistance in your body. This tension does not allow you a way to figure out the move properly. This prevents success.

Here is a way to clean up that negative energy using Mr. Bubbles.

Every time you do a martial arts move it engages every single one of those points. Sometimes you engage them by keeping them still, but you have to concentrate in order to keep them still. There is still an engagement.

There is no part of the body that can be out of alignment and still get the technique properly done.

The way to get that alignment right is not to think about the whole picture, but to think about your right shoulder, as an example.

Here’s how this technique of checking those points in your body works.

Think about your right shoulder, throw the move. Now, my right shoulder. How did that feel? Oh, that felt good. That felt like power. Okay, right shoulder is taken care of, right shoulder is good.

Now, keep going. How about your right elbow, that didn’t feel as good. Why not? You check out what happened in your body while you were throwing the move. I’m pulling it back so that is making it slow.

Keep going through the points in your body and check how you are holding or releasing your energy in each of them.

It’s a way of developing deliberate body awareness in the technique itself, so that you rapidly grow and you rapidly improve. I have found that when I do the visualization of that physical exercise, mentally use that awareness, I can enter into the Zone with my training.

This is what we teach you how to do at Competitive Edge (

When you are in the zone as an athlete, you are untouchable, unstoppable. Everything around you, all of the resistance, slows down, and it’s almost like a joke, like you are fighting a toddler, there is nothing this guy can do to stop you, you are just running through him.

The Zone is the place where you are in flow and harmony and the moves come naturally and with your own inner grace.

There are six major mental points that prevent you from getting into the zone if you engage with those. In the next post, I will begin to tell you what they are and how you can recognize them and avoid them.

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