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Expert Tips for Parents: Helping Your Teen Manage Test Taking Anxiety and Boost Confidence

Recently we worked with one of our students who is an outstanding student. She gets great grades but because of her exceptionally high standards she puts a great deal of pressure on herself when taking tests. This pressure creates anxiety and it was a source of concern for her parents. What follows is the lessons we taught her to help her relieve her anxiety.

1) The power of deliberate intent.

When you spar practice powerful internal dialog that sounds like this. I’m going to throw a fast kick. I’m going to keep my hands up. I’m going to perform at my best today.

Do you see how all of this internal dialog is focused on what you want to have happen instead of what you don’t want to have happen. This is the power of deliberate intent. When you think positive thoughts you get a positive results.

This same strategy can be used when taking a test at school.

I’m prepared, I’ve listed in class and I will do well on this test. My mind is clear and I’m a good student. I’m ready to perform well.

When you focus on what you want instead of what you fear your mind works at its highest capacity.

2) Let go and allow

With deliberate intent you may not always get the exact result you are looking for. You may say I’m going to score with a kick but your opponent blocks it or scores on you. This is where it’s powerful to take a let go and allow mindset. Say to yourself it’s in the past and make another deliberate intent statement. Now I know how he blocks my kick, I’ll fake the kick and get the next point.

You may take a test one day and get a grade you are unhappy with. Let go of the past on concentrate on your next step, which happens in the very next moment. Ask more question to the teacher, practice your martial arts focus at school so you absorb more of the curriculum.

3) You are never supposed to hit yourself in self defense

I see some of you practicing and getting upset with yourself when the skill docent’ go well. I appreciate your high standards, keep those. But, drop the destructive self talk. You are not supposed to hit yourself in martial arts. You will make mistakes in learning, it’s how learning is done. When that happens remember a strength of yours and use that strength to get the outcome you desire next time.

This same strategy must be used in all aspects of life. You are going to have times when things don’t go your way. Beating yourself up only adds negative energy to the situation. Remember your strengths and use it to get the desired outcome next time.

At Competitive Edge Martial Arts our expert instructors teach a personal development curriculum that helps our students thrive inside and outside of the academy. If you have an idea or suggestion for a blog post, please leave a comment or contact us at 303-347-2467

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