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Online Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in this program?

Here’s what you get:

  • A virtual New Student introductory session with our Instructors to show you how we will teach your child Mixed Martial Arts online.

  • Your child gets 2 Semi-private Classes

  • Ongoing virtual classes for the first 2 Weeks

  • We’ll teach you how to teach your child

  • And just for Parents: Daily online videos from our owner, Scott Aksamit, on his specialty: Mastery of Positive Thinking (You know you’ll need that!)


Do the classes come up on my computer or through email?

Online.  We will send you links from our website for you to click on and join the classes.  It’s really simple.


How quickly can we schedule that initial meeting between the instructor and me?

Right away.  Just click on the “Sign Up Now” button on our website and we’ll schedule a meeting as soon as possible.  We need for you to be able to take advantage of this opportunity during the Stay-At-Home period.


So, my child gets 2 semi-private classes.  How soon can we start?

Immediately.  We’ll schedule the initial meeting and then start the classes right after that meeting.


How often will the classes take place?

Classes are live at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday- Friday.  That’s up to you and your child. Your child can take as many classes as they want during the 2-week period of this program.  Then you can just sign up again if they are enjoying the program. And if we are all still in the Stay-At-Home program.


Will the classes be recorded to view later if I cannot make the live streams?

Yes, we will record all of the classes and you can access them on our Competitive Edge website any time that is convenient for you and your child.


Are the live streams available on the Competitive Edge website?

Yes, and we will send you links that reside on our website.

What’s included in the Daily Videos for Parents?

Competitive Edge - Mixed Martial Arts programs are based on Character Development.  In fact, we like to say that we are a Character Development Academy that just happens to teach mixed martial arts.  Along with your child, you will learn that there is more psychological, spiritual and emotional growth that comes from martial arts than the obvious physical benefits.

We have found that many of the positive lessons that your child will learn during their martial arts classes relate directly to their parents.  We can only teach them so much in our limited time together in classes. You obviously have the primary teaching and role model role in your child’s life.  So, we expanded our teaching to include assisting parents of our students to add to their child’s education through a series of Affirmative Parenting classes that we also teach to the parents of our students.

We will be offering daily videos from our Founder, Scott Aksamit, that include many of the concepts of Affirmative Parenting.  Encouragement, support and incremental positive steps are all involved in Affirmative Parenting, just as they are in martial arts training.  You will have access to these daily videos during the pandemic Stay-At-Home period and while your child is enrolled in the Online Academy.


What equipment/ materials do I need at home for the online classes?

Comfortable clothes and a positive attitude.  Although you may elect to purchase home training equipment it is not required.


If I have a question, how quickly does staff respond to messages?

As soon as we possibly can.  Sometimes our team is teaching and will reply to you as quickly as they can after their class.  But definitely the same day.


I understand Competitive Edge has video question and answer sessions available.   Are they on the website?

Yes and on our Facebook page as well.  These are great because, not only do you get your questions answered, but you get a glimpse of the personalities of our great instructors.  These FAQ videos will show you a little about why our coaches are so great with their students. Plus, there’s a lot of valuable information on there as well.

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