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Competitive Edge - Mixed Martial Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s special about Competitive Edge - Mixed Martial Arts?

Competitive Edge is a Character Building Academy that just happens to teach mixed martial arts.  We believe in strong character traits in our students so they can face any adversity they face in life.


Will my child like learning Mixed Martial Arts?

Absolutely.  Martial arts are fun and children really enjoy learning all about the various practices.  Plus, children flourish from gaining in physical strength, personal growth, expanding their mindset and gaining confidence.  This is all a very positive process and children love it.  


Is training safe?

Students progress at their own pace under the close supervision of one of our expert instructors.  They progress from the ideal phase (slow and easy movements) to the competitive phase (real speed).  The instructors are trained to notice a students confidence and competence level so they never face a challenge that is beyond their capability. 


Will my child become a bully if they learn martial arts?

Just the opposite.  The character development your child will learn at Competitive Edge will increase confidence, and self worth.  Our students learn to look for the good in themselves so they can see the good in others. By developing the character traits of harmony, self-worth and positive thinking they respect themselves and others.


How will my child benefit from these classes?

Your child will benefit from personal growth and self-worth.  Of course, your child will develop athletic ability and physical strength, but they will also gain emotionally and psychologically and feel good about themselves.  They will gain self-confidence. And throughout, they will have fun.


How often are the classes taught?

We have classes six days a week.  Most students train two times a week and we provide flexibility in our schedule to help coordinate with the schedule of busy families.


Can I attend the classes and watch what’s being taught?

Of course you can.  In fact, we encourage parents to attend.  Who knows, you may find yourself signing up for classes.


Are there different programs I can choose from?

Yes, we will explain all of the various classes and schedules when we meet for the first time.  You can also check out our website ( for more information. We include several of the Mixed Martial Arts practices in one overall class.  We rotate the types of martial arts as your child moves through the curriculum. Kickboxing, wrestling, standing, grounded exercises are all included. And included in each practice is a personal development aspect for your child.


How are these programs priced?

You’ll find that our pricing is very competitive.  Again, we can explain the various pricing levels for each class package.  Plus we offer discounts when you increase the number of classes for your child or extend the program over longer periods.  


Are there discounts available if I sign up for more classes?

Yes, we offer package discounts.


How many students are in one class?

It depends on the particular class, the time of day, which days the class meets.  Several factors. Typically we keep our classes small so that each student gets as much personal coaching as possible from our instructors.


What is mixed martial arts?

At Competitive Edge we teach Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combining the styles of Karate, Kickboxing (Muay Thai), Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).  This blend is combined with a unique teaching philosophy (Valueism) so that young practitioners become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. 


Who are the instructors?  What is their training? Are they certified?

Our instructors are patient communicators who first establish trust with each student. 


What equipment is used in the training?

To start you just need comfortable clothes and a positive attitude. 


In addition to the classes, are there any additional expenses?  Not for new students.  We want to make sure you are satisfied with the level of instruction and curriculum before investing in any training equipment.  


Can adults take classes as well?

We offer several classes for adults that range from Boot Camps, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Mini-Courses, Practical Self-Defense (Krav Maga), Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing.  If you are looking for fitness, then please ask about our Kickboxing classes that are taught by professional martial artists that will help you develop the right form for safety and effectiveness. 


How long does it take to get to a Black Belt?

This is specific to each student.  Time and dedication are key elements in determining how quickly a student progresses.  The average time to go from your child’s initial class to an Apprentice Black Belt is 3-4 years.  Depending on other aspects of your child’s life...sports, school, vacations, etc...they can dedicate as much time as they want and desire.  The more diligence they put into the program, the shorter the overall time it takes to reach the Black Belt goal.


How does the belt color system work?

We tip test (stripe on their belt) our students each month so they are aware of their own progress.  Students will promote to their next belts about every three months. In developing our belt program we consulted with a child psychologist to develop a program that would keep children rewarded for progress so they know they earned the rank they have been given.

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