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Affirmative Parenting Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Please give me an overview of what the Affirmative Parenting Program offers?

Competitive Edge - Mixed Martial Arts programs are based on Character Development.  In fact, we like to say that we are a Character Development Academy that just happens to teach mixed martial arts.  Along with your child, you will learn that there is more psychological, spiritual and emotional growth that comes from martial arts than the obvious physical benefits.

We have found that many of the positive lessons that your child will learn during their martial arts classes relate directly to their parents.  We can only teach them so much in our limited time together in classes. You obviously have the primary teaching and role model role in your child’s life.  So, we expanded our teaching to include assisting parents of our students to add to their child’s education through a series of Affirmative Parenting classes that we also teach to the parents of our students.

The primary theme of this series is in the title “Affirmative”.  So many parents use the “stick” approach. We teach the “carrot” approach.  Show your child the ultimate, positive goal and direct their thoughts and actions to positively achieving each goal.  Encouragement, support and incremental positive steps are all involved in Affirmative Parenting, just as they are in martial arts training.  Our Affirmative Parenting Program can be attended in person at our studios when the pandemic is over.  But for now, we are offering these classes and workshops as part of the Online Academy. We hope you get some value from these sessions.


How will I benefit from these classes?

Parents of students often ask us about the positive aspects they see in their children as a result of the child’s participation and learning through mixed martial arts.  We explain that these positive attributes are part of the training, part of the overall education.

The immediate next question is then, “How can I learn that type of positive training for my child?”

So, we created the Affirmative Parenting Program.  

You will benefit from the positive development you will see in your child that results from you implementing the practices you will learn through our program.  The core is built around the positive perspective of the overall program. Taking each situation as it occurs and turning it into a positive learning experience for both you and your child is the key to the Affirmative Parenting Program.  In fact, we have heard from many parents that they have begun using the Affirmative Parenting practices proactively, prior to any negative or dangerous situations, and completely defused the event before it started.

You and your child/children will benefit greatly from this program.


What are the credentials of the person/people teaching this program?

Scott Aksamit, seventh degree black belt and Founder of Competitive Edge - Mixed Martial Arts, brings his years of training and education in martial arts to this program.  Scott is responsible for the differentiation of Competitive Edge being so positive and focused on Character Building and he translates those positive principles to the parents of our students.

Scott is also a parent himself and, as you will learn during the program, he has practiced and continues to practice what he preaches.


What are the main topics covered in this program?

How to inspire positive energy in yourself and others.

How to set goals that inspire action.

How to praise behavior so positive behavior becomes habit.

Much much more.

How often are the classes offered?

Once a month.

How will I be able to access the classes?

We will send you links so you can attend the live online classes in webinar style.  This is the best option for online learning because it is interactive and you can talk or chat directly with Scott during the classes.  We will also record all of the classes so you can access them at your convenience.


Will the Affirmative Parenting Program only be offered during my child’s Online Academy Program?

No, we have been offering the Affirmative Parenting Program prior to the pandemic Stay-At-Home timeframe.  And we will return to in-person classes after this crisis subsides. We will also continue to offer an online version so that parents with busy schedules can access the classes online as well.

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