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How to Transform your Child's Behavior Without Punishment

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Hi my name is Scott, I’m the founder of Competitive Edge and I’m going to share with you how I have helped 10’s of thousands of children change their behavior quickly.  Change can and does happen in an instant.  But it requires new information, new skills, and a great desire to make a change.

I've helped children with every behavior issue under the sun from temper control, to getting better grades, to being more respectful and helpful at home.

I've help teens find a positive course in life, over come tragic life events and to learn the power of appreciation for others.  

The course will cost you nothing, it's absolutely free

You have nothing to lose except the bad behavior, embarrassment, frustration and overwhelm.

Just enter your email, you will receive the first lesson imidiatly.

The follow up lesson is done as an interactive online training.  So you can ask questions and if the mood strikes you, present me with the behavior challenge you are facing. I will help you solve it in front of the whole group.  If I succeed it will be of value to everyone.  If I fail it will be entertainment.

You may be asking why I do this. 

I was a troubled teen.  My martial arts instructor transformed my life.

I’m very grateful for having this man in my life.  

I love sharing what he did for me.  Even if you never train in martial arts with us.

This program will help your child live a more successful life.

It’s our gift to our community

Transforming behavior… It’s what we do best.

It’s what we are most passionate about.

We want to show you how we do it.

Sign up today, it cost you nothing and you have nothing to loose.

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