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Now Accepting New Students

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Train with us Risk Free

“Are looking for a positive activity where everyone is challenged and no-one sits the bench?”

“Are you looking for a way to show your son or daughter that they are your most valued possession and they are worth protecting?”

“Want to involve your family in a personal development program that will strength character traits like: appreciation, work ethic, a don’t quit attitude, and self-reliance.”

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New Members can apply the gift card towards the following programs and courses

Kids Classes.                        Workshops

Birthday Parties.                   Adult MMA

Women's Empowerment.      Teens.                               

Time Sensitive: Limited Enrollment.

Discover the REVOLUTIONARY teaching philosophy that doesn’t just make our students stronger physically. We build our students from the inside out so the become strong mentally and emotionally as well.

Ready for Empowerment


Is 2020 going to be a great year for your family.


So far it’s been tough for many.


Isn’t it time to do something positive. Something that will make your son or daughter feel powerful?


Or maybe you're looking for something fun. Something that’s good for their health and good for their soul.


If you're looking for a positive experience, the time is now.


We have been forced to limit our class size.  This is a limited time offer.

This is your opportunity to enroll in a great experience that will improve the foundational character traits that transform a child’s behavior for the better. Not to mention your child is going to love training with us.


We have a strategy for finding a child’s true strengths and then cultivating those positive qualities in to life long character traits. We believe in building our students from the inside out. Once they feel confident their behavior improves.


If you're just looking for a school to teach your child punching and kicking, you can stop now. But if you want true empowerment, keep reading…

Fellow Parent,


My name is Scott. I’m the founder of Competitive Edge. I started my martial arts training at the age of 13 after losing my brother in a tragic accident. Martial arts transformed me from being an angry kid looking for revenge into a confident and forgiving young man.


My instructor believed in building his students from the inside out, and I have injected his philosophy into every technique that we teach. You see, Competitive Edge is a personal development academy, we just use martial arts techniques as the vehicle to deliver our lessons.


In my career I have helped tens of thousands of individuals age 3 and up, to stand up for themselves. I help them feel comfortable in their own skin so they feel true confidence and their power. I re-introduce them to the side of themselves that is strong, capable and enduring. Parents from all over have been thrilled with the results gained at Competitive Edge. They are amazed at the transformation that can occur when a child starts to feel more self-reliant and capable. This new confidence extends into every aspect of the child’s life: Academics, sports, hobbies and even in their social experiences.


This is why I created our 21 day transformation. Meet with an instructor and decide upon a behavior you want to change or improve. Our team will create a training plan that identifies a child's true strengths and nourishes those qualities into life long character traits. Our unique approach is like no other. We don’t lecture our students on what good behavior they are supposed to implement. We train them and show them how good it feels to implement the qualities of self-discipline and focus. Once they experience how good it feels to be strong and self-reliant they don’t want to revert to their old ways of getting things done.


During the 21 days your child will:

1) Execute powerful movements to feel more powerful.

2) Experience important personal development lessons to enhance positive character traits

3) Train with other positive children in their age group.

4) Implement a new powerful behavior habit that you determine with an instructor.


I’m so excited to share this with you. It transformed my life. I have seen our unique coaching process help thousands of families not just in Douglas County but around the world. What would it mean to you to see your child blossom with a new sense of confidence and self worth. Click the button and let’s get started.



With Respect,







Scott Aksamit, Founder of Competitive Edge Martial Arts


$500 Gift Card

Is for new students only.  Limit one per household.  No Cash Value.  Can be applied to 2 lesson trial program, birthday party or Competitive Edge Mastery classes. 


Lancy Hwu

My kids are more disciplined, motivated, focused, respectful, confident, responsible, and active since they have started their journey in the black belt training. It has been a great experience and the staff is phenomenal with the kids! 


Lisa Krieger

I’ve seen my shy, insecure child grow into a focused and motivated young man in his time spent at CEMMA. The values, skills and mental exercises taught are tools he will use throughout his life.


Matt Brown

Can’t say enough about the instructors here. Love how they got my son interested and motivated to do everything better. Not just MMA, but life! Amazing teachers! Thank you!

Competitive Edge, We are a personal development academy that just happens to teach martial arts. 

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